Software Detective: 10xBytes with Graham Bolton

We sat down with experienced ‘software detective’ Graham Bolton for a 10xBytes interview. Graham specializes in equity transactions for private equity partnerships and investment funds. With a strong reputation and extensive industry knowledge, Graham brings unique insights to any technology due diligence team.


Graham has successfully guided numerous private equity partnerships through over 80 transactions, helping them overcome growth obstacles hidden in software source code. With meticulous attention to detail, he excels at identifying areas for improvement and risk mitigation. By scrutinizing source code alongside a network of more than 60 qualified programmers, Graham uncovers potential roadblocks to software growth, scalability, and market viability, empowering clients to make informed investment decisions.

Graham’s career reflects a wealth of experience in software and database expertise. Today, Graham continues to leverage his expertise, driving innovation and excellence in the software sector. His passion for software quality, combined with strategic acumen, makes him a valuable asset for private equity transactions and organizations seeking software-related enhancements. His ability to efficiently review source code and identify growth obstacles sets him apart as a key player and trusted ally for many investment teams.


In this interview, Graham talks about how fractional work is ideal for his skillset and the way in which he helps companies, the transparency of 10x.Team, helping startups from scale-up to maturity and what has made the biggest difference in his career. Regarding the value he can add to 10x clients, Graham states,

I’ve seen the cycle from the beginning to the end and I can help people move from the phase of being a scale-up to being a full-grown company. And I’ve been involved in due diligence work where private equity is placing capital or perhaps even buying out founders. So I know what’s going to come at the end of that time, of building a company or perhaps just at the beginning of building a very large company. I know the sorts of things that are going to happen and I can help them to see things coming.

Graham Bolton, 10x-er

Ready to work with Graham? His Software Maintainability Monitoring solution is available as a service and you can check out his full profile as well as other 10x-ers on our Find Talent page.