10x Impact: Fractional Business Leader Sjoerd Blum

CEO Angelique Schouten sat down with fractional leader Sjoerd Blum for a 10xBytes Interview, talking making a 10x impact, going fractional, the impact of fractionals and how to keep improving yourself.

Sjoerd Blum, an industry veteran since 2002, boasts a diverse portfolio across Utilities, Transportation, Logistics, Aviation, Insurance, and Investment Management. His expertise spans Operations, Product, Sales Development, Transformation, and Project management.

He excels in leadership roles such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Data Officer (CDO), Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), Chief Security Officer (CSO), Director, Interim Manager, Board Member, and Program Manager. Fluent in Dutch, English, and German, with active engagement in Greece and the Netherlands, Sjoerd focuses on scale up, and corporate ventures, driving growth and innovation with strategic acumen.

In this interview, Sjoerd spoke about why he went fractional, stating,

What I’d love to do in the next few weeks, months, maybe years, I don’t know, is to just help others. And I’ve done many, many things and sometimes people don’t need you for the whole width, you know, they want you for a certain topic. And I think the fractional concept actually allows you to just help people on something where they need their support. Other than that, that also enables you to to help several people at the same time, and I think that’s also an excellent personal development opportunity.

When asked why he chose to collaborate with 10x.Team, Sjoerd explained,

There’s a few things. So you know, I love the the energy, the innovative mindset that I feel with basically anybody that I interact with, both the the persons that work with the platform or that are on the platform or clients of the platform. I like the ambition. We want to make this something real, something something big. I love to be a part of that. And also the way you explained how you started this, you know you found the concept in the in the US and now actually also want to make bring it here to the Netherlands, Europe, even maybe wider. And go 10X faster. Love to be part of that.

Sjoerd also touches on how making mistakes can enrich you as a professional, the 10x impact he has made in his career so far, his experience of 12 years at ING/NN and 8.5 years at Schiphol, venturing into the cyber domain, and making incremental changes when improving and developing oneself.

If you are a company and ready to work with Sjoerd, he is available as a fractional Business leader in the Tech/data/Digital field and can be found on our Find Talent page.