Powering the Pioneers

At 10x, we empower pioneers by connecting them with the top 1% of fractional talent, fueling innovation and transformation across industries. We provide a platform where elite professionals and forward-thinking companies come together to achieve exceptional outcomes, revolutionizing the way work is done. Welcome to the future of work!

10x Yourself. 10x Your Business.

Focus on outcomes

We’ve founded 10x to make a difference; for talent and for companies a like.

Most people talk: we do things.

They plan: we achieve.

They hesitate: we move ahead.

Angelique Schouten & Anton Zhelyazkov — Founders 10x.Team


Our Values

Values. Not something you just write down once and present on a flashy slide. They are our compass for running 10x and guide our actions. We are a modern tech savvy company with a people-first approach.


We promise and deliver. We measure results, focus on outcomes, and give you execution power. We're committed to your growth and success and own (y)our deliverables.


Every modern company is a software company. Our 10x-ers have a strong tech background and expertise. We're savvy, and our aim is to give you an edge.


We value diversity and different viewpoints, promoting growth within our community and partners. Excellence is a constantly evolving journey, not just a destination.


Find your happiness with 10x - whether it's joy, health, wealth, balance, or something else. We help businesses and individuals do the right thing for each other and our world.
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Seasoned fractional professionals and experts. The 1% who delivers ten times more, better or different results. We scout the world for exceptional talent and support them with the best tech, tools and team to maximize outcomes for your company. Giving you another option to tackle the Global Talent Crunch.


“Every company is a sofware company” – Bill Gates, founder Microsoft (1975). “Every company is an AI company” – Arvind Krishna, CEO IBM (2020). Out 10x-ers are (tech)savvy and we roam the world for the newest tech to support them. We extract use cases from our community and make them available to our 10x members so that they are always on top of the newest trends. 


We try to support our 10x-ers as best as we can with tooling such as our match making module, invoice engine and template library. All focused at taking away the things you do not like or take up a lot of your time. By doing so we are maximizing outcomes for the companies who work with our 10x-ers.


We are all on the same mission as you. To deliver exceptional outcomes. Our 10x fractional professionals join a platform that provides them with access to a community and partner network to 10x themselves and the companies they work for.

Our Brandname and logo

What’s in a name? 10x.Team… Why this name? We get that question a lot. Our name is based on the concept of the 10x software developer: A 10x developer is an individual who is thought to be as productive as 10 others in their field12. They complete tasks and write code at a much higher level of efficiency compared to their peers. 10x-ers are professionals and executives who are 10x better, more creative, faster, or whatever skill you need to deliver you 10x outcomes.

Our Pattern

At 10x, we know we’re part of something greater. Together, we create a powerful impact. That’s why we’ve crafted our unique fabric which spells the word ‘team’ to represent us: our 10x-ers, our customers, and ourselves. Let’s celebrate the difference we can make!

A whole world of fractional and freelance talent at your fingertips

Proof of quality

Check any fractional pro's profiles, AI assessments and client reviews.

No cost until you hire

No sign-up fees, no retainers and no small print.

Safe and secure

Compliant freelance fractional hiring, simple contracting, and automatic management of IP and confidentiality.

Meet our team

At 10x, we’re all about our 10x-ers and their companies, serving up results that are off the charts. Think of us as a dream team of seasoned founders, unicorn wranglers, and go-getters, all laser-focused on making a real splash. Meet us in a more personal way.

Angelique Schouten
Founder & CEO
Anton Zhelyazkov
Co-founder & Tech lead
Rene Schipper
Fractional CFO