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What 10x can bring you

We match you with top-tier fractional talent to increase your results. At 10x we combine Talent, Tech, Tools and Team to maximize your outcomes. 

10x your business.

10x has a rigorous vetting process to ensure that only the best professionals and most exciting companies join our platform. We ensure that all our 10x-ers have a proven track record of success and are experts in their respective field. By bringing in experienced executives or professionals (on a part-time basis), start-ups and scale-ups can access the expertise and guidance they need to grow and succeed. This can increase the chances of success for the company, and ultimately provide a better return on investment for investors.

With fractional professionals, start-ups and scale-ups can be more agile and adaptable in their team and leadership structure. This allows them to respond quickly to changing market conditions and take advantage of new opportunities, providing greater flexibility for investors. With 10x you have the flexibility to hire professionals for the exact amount of time you need. Whether it’s a one-time project or ongoing work, you can find the right professional with the right expertise and experience to meet your needs and 10x your outcomes.

Because fractional professionals have been at your side of the table before as executives or professionals, their interests are closely aligned with yours. This can help ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and that the company’s success is a top priority.

Fractional hiring with 10x is a cost-effective way to access top-tier talent. Instead of hiring a full-time employee who joins the company, you can leverage the skills and experience of a fractional professional without committing to a full-time salary and benefits package. This can be particularly beneficial for early-stage companies that may be working with limited resources.

Joost van 't Hullenaar
Joost van 't HullenaarExecutive Director Evi Van Lanschot
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"Our 10x-er is the program manager we need for our transition. He combines experience, knowledge, and independence with a no-nonsense approach. He adds great value to our team and we trust him to achieve the best results."
Florian Zandbergen
Florian ZandbergenCEO School Talent
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“As a startup your resources are limited. However, some problems require A-level talent to solve them. Through 10x, we were able to access such A-level talent on a fractional basis: with the help of a fractional CFO, Data Engineer, CCO, lawyer and Marketeer we’ve been able to unlock a lot of potential we otherwise would not have been able to unlock.”
Merel van Helsdingen
Merel van HelsdingenFounder & Managing Director Nxt Museum
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“Our scale-up needed an experienced CFO to help with our funding round for growth and international expansion. The 10x fractional CFO exceeded our expectations and has become a valuable part of our team.”
Robert van der Schaaf
Robert van der SchaafPartner Mobility Concept
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"Being able to tap into top fractional talent at 10x, has helped us get even more control of our technology domain and prepare our business to scale even further with their CTO, CISO and ISO/SOC2 specialist."
Hans Osnabrugge
Hans OsnabruggeCEO Talk360
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"The fractional co-CEO of 10x delivered value, vision and unparalleled execution power that pushed our company to the next phase."

Experience = Outcomes

You want results. We’ll match you with exceptional experienced fractional talent to get you those results.

Most people talk: we do things.
They plan: we achieve.
They hesitate: we move ahead.

What are typical assignments for Fractional 10x-ers?

Our 10x-ers come from many different backgrounds and experiences across numerous industries and company stages. We will do everything in our power to match you with the best 10x-er, no matter the assignment. Whether you are expanding to a new country, managing a merger, fill in emergency leadership gaps or want to speed up your roadmap delivery with a dedicated team.


10x-ers may work with companies to provide strategic guidance and support, helping them develop and implement plans and initiatives that can drive growth and success. This may include activities such as market analysis, business development and strategic planning.


10x-ers are responsible for overseeing key operational areas of a company, such as finance, operations, marketing or technology. This may involve managing teams, implementing processes and systems, and ensuring that the company is meeting its operational goals and objectives.


10x-ers work closely with the CEO and other members of the leadership team, providing guidance, support, and expertise to help the company achieve its goals. This may involve working on specific projects or initiatives, or providing ongoing support and advice to the (leadership) team.


10x-ers are brought in to provide expertise and guidance in specific areas, such as financial planning and analysis, marketing strategy or technology implementation. This can help companies access specialized expertise on a part-time basis, without the need to hire a full-time executive.


How it works

10x has access to a vast network of members who all qualify as “10x”; delivering ten times more outcome, are ten times faster, think ten times more creative, or any other 10x skill. We screen missions and 10x-ers with an advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning NLP engine (powered by Pera) which is at the core of our matching engine. If your company is signing up to 10x, there are three simple steps to help you on your way to exceptional outcomes.


Tell us what your outcomes look like, the role(s) you are interested in and what the must have skills and experience are for the 10x-er. Inform us with an estimated start date and how long you expect to need your 10x-er.


After having reviewed your desired outcomes, the community team and our matchmaking engine will create a proposal for you to review. If you’re happy with the proposal, we will set up an introduction with your 10x-er.


Once you are happy with the 10x-er(s), we will give you your own 10x dashboard where you can sign service proposals and see which assets the 10x-er has deployed for you. We will keep in touch to monitor the progress.


Ways to Work Together

Every fractional 10x-er, sets their own rate and package. Mostly you will agree on a retainer-based model. In this model 10x will charge you a retainer fee for the services based on number of hours or value and output of the services provided. Depending on your situation as a start-, scale-up or incumbent, you can also agree on project-based, equity-based or a hybrid model.  At 10x we will guide you along the way to come up with a model that suites you.


One-off fixed price fixed scope
Fixed /Fee per Solution
  • 10x Vetted solutions will provide companies with a specific outcome; fixed price, fixed scope. 10x will assist in creating and marketing the solution.
  • Examples: software code review, roadmap optimization scan, core values workshop, review manament agreement, AI workshop.
  • Pricing: it is a fixed price, fixed scope model. You'll know in advance what you'll get when buying a solution, no surprises - specific outcomes.


Fixed fee per month
$ Monthly /Fee
  • Subscriptions will give companies continuous support and flexible expertise. Get subscription-based knowledge, experience and even a supervisory board member.
  • Examples: add CMO to a Product and driven organization that has no marketing experience. Get a fractional CFO on board for a scale-up when they don’t need a fulltime CFO.
  • Pricing: it is a fixed retainer model where a company agrees with you on a package and fixed amount per month up front. Starting from $2.500 per month.


Time & Material-based
Fee /per Hour
  • A seasoned 10x-er will play an integral role in your company adding their delivery power and specific expertise.
  • Examples: manage Request For Proposal process, open a Development center in a different country, manage M&A process and integrate an acquired company.
  • Pricing: this model is based on Time & Material (T&M) and means that the company and 10x-er agree on an estimation of number of hours per week for which a day-rate will be agreed. Fractional Professional starting from $85 per hour.

Our Fractional Professionals

10x supports seasoned professionals who have been on your journey before. Just take a look at some of our 10x talents below.

Champion for Change

As a non-profit, you know the importance and challenges of delivering 10x results for your recipients. The more you can achieve with your donations, the bigger your impact. That’s why certain 10x-ers will contribute some of their time to help eligible non-profit organizations with their tailored approach at no cost or a limited fee.

If you are a non-profit, please reach out and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm a non-profit