Levelling Up Start-Ups and Scale-Ups: Fractional Head of People Kelly Rapmund

We sat down with Kelly Rapmund, 10x-er and seasoned Head of People specializing in start-ups and scale-ups on a fractional basis. Kelly is dedicated to fostering sustainable growth for both tech and non-tech companies, with a particular focus on the individuals who drive these organizations. Kelly thrives on guiding companies to their next level of success by strategically enhancing people processes, nurturing leadership development, and fortifying the foundation of organizational culture.

Over the course of the last 9 years, Kelly has collaborated with over 30 of the most innovative and rapidly growing companies in the Dutch tech industry. From the leading ATS tool Recruitee to United Wardrobe (acquired by Vinted 2020) and the successful HelloPrint, Kelly’s wealth of experience extends beyond theoretical knowledge, having actively participated in various rapid growth phases while working closely with founders and management teams.

Kelly discusses what made her chose 10x.Team, stating,

I talked before with other party like third parties or platforms that to see if we could maybe collaborate to to find like the assignments that fit me and actually that was always really hard. But what I really love about 10x.Team, I really love the combination of speed and quality and challenging yourself in so many ways and for making companies so much better. And also I really resonated with actually the quote that Angelique the CEO uses on her LinkedIn, “life is not about fitting in, it’s all about standing out.” So I could really relate to that. So we pretty quickly came to the conclusion that we were a good match as well Angelique and me and the platform.

Kelly Rapmund

In addition, Kelly spoke about the value she brings to 10x customers, explaining,

I’ve worked for over 35 different startups and scaleups in the last 10 years, so that’s quite a lot. I think what’s been the red thread throughout my career is that for every company that I’m working for, it’s all about 10x-ing, like the people and culture strategy and the organization in general. So that really fits. And I think my biggest value at this point is that I know like the troubles or the challenges that you run into in all the different phases and I can kind of pinpoint them before you get there. I make sure that you’re also saving a lot of time, saving a lot of money and just help you to go through those different phases smoothly instead of with a lot of hiccups. So I think that’s really where I add value at this point.

Kelly Rapmund

Ready to work with Kelly? She is available as a fractional Head of People and can be found on our Find Talent page.