Giving 150%: Meet Fractional Marketeer Carla

In this 10xBytes Interview, we sat down with fractional Marketeer and 10x-er, Carla Martinez Sagastume.

Carla is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in HR, Marketing, and Communications. She excels in roles such as consultant, Marketing Specialist, Project Manager, Strategy Specialist, Marketing Manager, and Entrepreneur. Her expertise spans industries including Book Publishing, Marketing Services, Education, Blogs, and Hospitality.

Carla operates on a global scale, with active involvement in Belize, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico, El Salvador, and the United States. Fluent in Dutch, English, German, and Spanish, she seamlessly navigates diverse cultures.

Carla is adept at working with companies in all stages, from startups to corporates, bringing strategic insights and innovative solutions to drive success.

In this 10xBytes interview, Carla discusses how she goes above and beyond to give 150% in her work, with an example of one of the companies where she worked in lead generation. Carla said,

“So we were doing webinars, white papers, thought leadership campaigns. When I started, we would have webinars and then 20 to like 40 people would sign up, at the most, and then the attendees would be like 10. Then in the middle of the webinar they would start falling off and then you would be like oops. Then at the end of the webinar you would only have like the presenter just going on and on with his presentation, right? Because they couldn’t stop. And then by the time that I left, which was like 2 and a half years later, the we were having between 600 signups for per webinar and then like 250 attendees per webinar. But then they would stay until the end and sometimes it the community that we were in. So I think that was pretty cool that I was able to make it interesting enough for 600 people and 250 to actually stay throughout the entire presentation.”

Carla Martinez Sagastume

Carla also spoke about the risk associated with fractional work, stating that,

“sometimes you have a lot of projects, sometimes you have maybe one project and sometimes you don’t have any projects at all. So you really have to be very resilient and have a very good network as well and just, you know, trusting yourself and your capabilities that things are going to be coming in.”

Carla Martinez Sagastume

If you are a company and ready to work with Carla, she is available as a fractional Marketeer and can be found on our Find Talent page.