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Where the top 1% fractional leaders and professionals join forces to deliver 10x outcomes. There are endless trails to follow on your journey to success and happiness. We help you find the path that fits your ambition and support you in different ways via our 10x platform, combining Talent, Tech, Tools and Team.

10x yourself.

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Your Community, Your Platform

10x is as much about you as it is about us enabling you. With amazing assignments and world-class companies at its foundation. Being part of the 10x community, you will also be supported by the best tech, tools and team.

We offer you the platform and community, you decide what works best for you.

Joining 10x means being part of a community. In the way you want. Demo-Donnerstag, Fuck-up Fridays, workshops about your superpower, discuss trending topics and network. We do everything we can to give you options to be the 10x-er you want.

We questioned ourselves how we can make your life easier and more effective for the companies you help. By delivering you with an evergrowing knowledge base of ready-made templates. From SaaS-agreements to standard Terms & Conditions, RFP templates, you name it.

Having the right partner behind you for the job, can save you so much time. 10x selected partners (e.g. notary, accountants, etc.)

With technology developments evolving at lightning speed, we will roam the realm in search for technology and tooling that will increase your 10x-factor even further.


10x Yourself

We empower you to become more effective as a 10x-er and be the maker of your life.


Get access to great ambitious companies
Support by the 10x community
Less time needed for sales
Operational, legal & administrative support
Access to 10x knowledge base

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No more monopolizing of your time
Channelize your expertize
Focus on your strengths
Get good compensated
Build a varied portfolio career

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10x Your Way

You take control of your career. You decide how you would like to work via 10x. Is your strength to deliver continuous support and coach an organization on specific topics? Then Experience as a Service (X-a-a-S) might be your best option. Do you want to be part of the companies team and provide additional delivery power and/or knowledge? Select the 10x in-house option. Or do you want to be part of a team or even build your own team taking responsibility for a specific deliverable? Go for the “Build a 10x.Team” option. Interested in all three? Well – who is stopping you ;-). Remember: you set your own rates.


One-off fixed price fixed scope
Fixed /Fee per Solution
  • 10x Vetted solutions will provide companies with a specific outcome; fixed price, fixed scope. 10x will assist in creating and marketing the solution.
  • Use cases: start-up, scale-up and grown-up companies who are looking for specific outcomes, knowledge and deliverables and prefer not to start a consultancy project a they want to focus on outcomes.
  • Examples: software code review, roadmap optimization scan, core values workshop, review manament agreement, AI workshop.
  • Pricing: it is a fixed price, fixed scope model where a 10x-er sets the price and 10x will help scope and market the solution and 10x-er. For this service 10x will add a mark-up to the solution.


Experience as a Service: fixed fee per month
$ Monthly /Fee
  • Experience-as-a-Service will give companies continuous support and flexible expertise. Get subscription-based knowledge, experience and even a supervisory board member.
  • Use cases: mostly used during start-up and scale-up phase where the existing founding team needs coaching, a sparring partner, managing scaling teams, review strategies or supervisory or advisory board members.
  • Examples: add CMO to a Product and Sales driven organization that has no (strategic) marketing experience. Get a fractional CFO on board for a scale-up when they don’t need a fulltime CFO yet.
  • Pricing: it is a fixed retainer model where a company agrees with you on a package and fixed amount per month up front. Starting from $2.500 per month.


Time & Material-based
Fee /per Hour
  • You are a seasoned professional or executive keen to play an integral role in a company adding your delivery power and specific expertise.
  • Use cases: mostly used for adding knowledge, experience or execution power to the existing team. Companies wanting to add delivery power, specific knowledge or temporary replacement.
  • Examples: manage Request For Proposal process, open a Development center in a different country, manage M&A process and integrate an acquired company.
  • Pricing: this model is based on Time & Material (T&M) and means that the company and 10x-er agree on an estimation of number of hours per week for which a day-rate will be agreed. Fractional Professional starting from $85 per hour.

How To Request Access to 10x?

It is all about Experience and Mentality. 10x is and will always be an invitation only and member only community and platform.


  • Application via Website: request access by answering a couple of questions from our synthetic colleague Anna.
  • Digital AI Interview: we’re utilizing advanced technology to identify your unique strengths and skills, helping us tailor the best opportunities for you. The software application we use has been deployed by many private equity firms and boards to look at C-level executives and talent.
  • Community Review: Your applications are being carefully evaluated by our expert committee, a team of professionals with extensive industry knowledge.
  • 1:1 Interview with 10x-team: The final step involves a personal interview with our dedicated 10x-team.
  • Access to Talent-portal*


  • Solutions: create your own solution and submit it for review by the 10x Community. Once approved, ambitious start-up, scale-up and grown-up companies can buy your solution.
  • Subscriptions: companies can select 3 different subscription based plan with a minimum term of 3 months. We’ve set the price, you add what’s included. Companies can buy the subscription plan online.
  • Missions: based on what you love and the type of expertise and interest, our 10x matching engine and Community Manager will link you to relevant assignments and companies.
  • STEP 3. SIGN & GO

    We’ve tackled all the legal works for you. Our contracts are compliant with European law. 10x will handle everything; from creating Service Orders, to Project Orders, invoicing and chasing payments.


    Once delivered, we will automatically geenrate invoices for the company and our 10x-ers. As soon as a company pays within the standard 14 day payment term, you will receive payment within 7 to 14 days max.

    Monitor status and total receivables via your own personalized dashboard.

    *It is our mission to provide Talent with meaningful and ambitious work. That’s why we reserve access to 10x for people whose skills and level of experience align with the demand of the companies on our platform. If there is a match between your profile and the scale-ups we support, you will receive an invitation to get access to our Talent portal. If there is no immediate match with our typical customer, we’ll keep you on the waiting list for a bit longer

    CxO Network

    Are you an experienced C-level executive? Have you been on the start-up to scale-up road before? Why should you consider becoming a fractional leader and 10x-er? Read more to get answers to these questions and more.


    Champion for Change

    Non-profits face the challenge of delivering 10x results to maximise their impact. The more they can achieve with their donations, the bigger their impact. That’s why certain 10x-ers will contribute some of their time to help eligible non-profit organizations with their tailored approach at no cost or a limited fee. We ask all our 10x-ers if they are interested in helping out.