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Predictable Roadmap Delivery

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Service Description

Unlock Reliable Progress with Your Software Engineering Team! 

Addressing the Core Pain Points:

Being a CEO of a scale-up, the unpredictability of feature delivery can be maddening. Moreover, the market offers no single tool that provides an overarching view across projects and features, making it challenging to manage the team holistically. As your company grows, the necessity for predictability in software delivery becomes even more critical. Procedures, especially those concerning change and release, become indispensable. With the 10x Predictable Roadmap Solution, you’ll have tools in place to establish consistent and automated controls, ensuring your software engineering team delivers consistently.

What Will You Get?

  • Unified Team Overview: Visualize your entire team and capacity planning in one comprehensive dashboard.
  • Automated Capacity Calculation: No more guesswork. Automatically calculate the total development capacity for accurate planning.
  • Smart Planning: Assign projects based on individual team capacity and precise project (gu)estimates.
  • Project Priority Board: Easily rank and manage projects by priority, ensuring resources are effectively allocated.
  • Quick Results: Lay a solid foundation for a predictable and efficient software engineering team in just 3 to 4 weeks.

In Scope:

  • Effective Management: Efficiently manage up to 40 engineers, with each 10 FTEs at an additional 1500 EUR.
  • 1 workshop with management.
  • 1 workshop with key stakeholders and team leads.
  • Tailormade roadmap template.
  • Final presentation & briefing.
  • 2-3 check-in calls.
  • All to be completed within 3 to 4 weeks max.

Out of Scope:

  • Evaluation of past roadmap.
  • KPI setting (this is a separate solution).
  • Making guestimates.
  • Progress of the new roadmap.

Experience driving results

  • Experience at Scale: Rogier, one of the pioneering members at the world’s first cloud-native core banking platform Ohpen, witnessed its evolution over 8 years. He’s adept at scaling challenges, from handling a single client to multiple ones.
  • Expertise in Crucial Procedures: Rogier’s forte lies in change management, release management, logging, and testing. Ensure streamlined processes with his guidance.
  • Proven Track Record: Managing controls and processes for Ohpen’s CTO, Rogier consistently delivered reliability. He has implemented his framework at two other scale-ups with concrete results.
  • Scaling Expertise: From an intimate team of under 25 to a bustling group of over 400 employees, Rogier’s experience makes him indispensable for companies on the growth trajectory.

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