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Core Value Workshop

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Service Description

Defining the values of your team.

Your core values are the backbone of your company and the foundation of your People Strategy. We do 3 onsite sessions with your team to dig down to your true values. We can then have the results polished by a professional copywriter and visual designer, so you have something you can be proud to share with your team and with the world (content writer & visual designer are not included in this price).

Solution Snapshot

Unlock the essence of your team’s identity by participating in our Core Values Workshop. This solution is a comprehensive exploration of your organization’s fundamental beliefs, the very core that defines your team.

Outcome Odyssey

By engaging in three immersive onsite sessions with our expert facilitators, your team embarks on a journey to unearth and articulate your true core values. These values are the compass guiding your company’s culture and strategic direction.

Deliverables Delights

During the workshop, you’ll collaboratively craft a set of authentic core values that resonate with your team’s identity. While our solution provides the foundation, please note that the services of a professional content writer and visual designer for the final presentation are not included in this package. However, our facilitators will ensure your values are structured and articulated effectively for your internal and external stakeholders.

Approach Alchemy

Our approach is rooted in deep engagement with your team through three onsite sessions. We facilitate open discussions, exercises, and activities to extract the essence of your core values. While we provide the guidance and structure, the heart of this process is your team’s active involvement in defining what truly matters to your organization.

Unlock the power of your core values with our Core Values Workshop and create a foundation that inspires, guides, and shapes your company’s culture. Together, we’ll craft a set of values you can proudly share with your team and the world.

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